About Us

The core philosophy behind Absorb Technologies is to "absorb" business problems and create novel and efficient solutions by utilising state-of-the-art information technology. Still young, Absorb has been able to approach diversified market sectors like oil and gas, telecom, real estate, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, medical colleges, schools, textiles, packaging, government, restaurants, beauty products, printing, computer hardware, automobile, B2B, charity organisations, chambers of commerce, book publishing, human capital management agencies, and the like. Absorb believes in professionalism, business ethics and morality. It aims at long-term relationships based on trust, understanding and good will. Business criteria at Absorb are many as opposed to profit alone. Here, commitment, sincerity and enthusiasm form the path to professionalism. Effective and regular communication and sanctity of commitments and timelines is very important to Absorb. This leads to the satisfaction of both the Absorb Team and Absorb Clients. Aspiring to expand to new sectors, Absorb aims at rendering its services to many new markets both national and international.

At Absorb, the team does not consist of employees but the members of Absorb. Absorb is lucky and proud to have members who have sincere dedication towards the ultimate goals of the organization. Our foremost priority is the well-being of our members who are the instruments in delivering the services we aspire for.

Absorb aspires to provide businesses with solutions that are their need of the day. Many organizations cannot fully utilize their resources due to lack of IT infrastructure or lack of effective communication channels between their major operation wings. Absorb offers its products to fill in these gaps and increase their efficiency many-fold. This is ideally brought about by integrating the operations by linking them with the help of a web portal augmented with the web-based applications, which are powered by fast and efficient databases.

The portfolio of Absorb Technologies gives an idea of the novel web designs created by the Absorb Team according to the requirements of the clients. At the same time, Absorb possesses the state-of-the-art capability of handling the client requirements at the back-end. All the Absorb clients are satisfied with the quality of business growth that Absorbís web products have provided them. The web designs are all dynamic giving full control of editing the content to the client.

The software portfolio gives an idea of how Absorb solves the business problems of both the private and government sector organizations by offering user-friendly tools developed in latest technologies.